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  • 2023-11-09
    In order to promote education and research and contribute to the revitalization of the textile and apparel industry in Africa, the leaders of Donghua University (China) and Moi University (Kenya) decided in 2015 to organize an annual Sino-Africa International Symposium on Textile and Apparel (SAISTA), alternating between China and Kenya. SAISTA has successfully held eight sessions since the first ...
  • 2023-10-09
    SUSTAINABILITY FOR ALL: CREATING INCLUSIVE PATHWAYS TO DEVELOPMENT2023 WORLD TEXTILE UNIVERSITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCEAGENDAFriday, 13 October 2023Time:15:00-17:30(UTC+8)Venue: Conference Room 3, Graphic Information Building, Donghua University, Shanghai, ChinaZoom Link: No.:827 8537 3223, Password:846518PART I CONTEXT AND ...
  • 2021-07-16
    Sino-Africa International Symposium on Textiles and Apparel (SAISTA 2021)Background to SAISTAChina has the largest and most advanced textile industry in the world and, as such, wishes to support the development of industry in developing countries and those along the Road and Belt Region, especially in Africa. Africa has a rich textile history but in recent years the significance and growth of its ...
  • 2021-06-15
    2021暑期时尚学校2021 Summer Fashion Program项目主题Theme中国传统服饰项目(3S-CTCP)是上海暑期学校的子项目,由东华大学主办,致力于让学员对中国传统服饰以及它们在现代社会中的发展有更深刻的了解。The Chinese Traditional Costume Program (3S-CTCP) hosted by Donghua University (DHU) is a sub-program of Shanghai Summer School. It aims to help the participants gain a profound understanding of Chinese tradit...
  • 2021-06-15
    一、项目简介Brief Introduction该项目旨在夯实专业基础,引领知识前沿,拓宽学术视野,提高参与者进行科学研究的综合能力。通过线上讲座与学习和线下实地参观与调研的结合,带领参与者学习和体验纺织技术、工程知识和行业动态。This program aims at consolidating the professional foundation, leading the knowledge frontier, broadening the academic vision, and improving the comprehensive capacity of participants in ...
  • 2021-05-08
    This summer, two renowned Summer Programs will once again be opened: The BR-ASTI Program in Textile, and the 3S-CTCP Program in Fashion. For a few applications, joining the program will even be free of charge. You can scan the QR-code below to register your interest, and we will get in touch with you later for formal application.
  • 2020-09-28
    ProgramW: to learn- to learn- to learn- to learn-‍
  • 2020-09-28
    International Conference on Phytochemistry, Textile Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development