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The kickoff meeting for the strategic research and consulting project "Strategic Research on Biomedical Fiber Products and Their Industrial Development" by the Chinese Academy of Engineering was held at Donghua University


        On April 1st, the kickoff meeting for the strategic research and consulting project Strategic Research on Biomedical Fiber Products and Their Industrial Development by the Chinese Academy of Engineering was held at our university in a combination of online and offline formats. Wang Xiaowen, Director of the Department of Environment and Textile Engineering at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Cao Xuejun, former Chief Inspector of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Yu Jianyong, President of Donghua University and the project leader, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Sun Jinliang and Xu Weilin, members of the project team and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Li Lingshen, Vice President of the China National Textile Industry Council, Li Guimei, President of the China Industrial Textile Products Industry Association, and nearly 50 representatives from universities, research institutions, medical institutions, and enterprises attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yu Jianyong.

(The conference)

        Li Guimei, representing the overall group, delivered the project proposal report. She reported on the background and overall situation of the project, and provided a detailed introduction to the research objectives, content, expected outcomes, research plan, team composition, and research division. She mentioned that the current biomedical fiber industry in China faces challenges such as unclear development bottlenecks, undefined paths for breakthrough in key technologies, and inadequate mechanisms and systems for collaborative innovation. In response to these issues, she presented research ideas and implementation suggestions on behalf of the project team. Wang Fujun, Vice Dean of the School of Textiles at Donghua University, Ma Pibo, Vice Dean of the School of Textile Science and Engineering at Jiangnan University, and Liu Yong, Executive Vice Dean of the School of Textile Science and Engineering at Tianjin Polytechnic University, respectively delivered opening reports on the topics of in-body products, ex-body products, and protective products.

        During the expert discussion and exchange session, Sun Jinliang, Xu Weilin, Director Qian Jianmin from Huashan Hospital, President Li Chunming from Wego Shanghai Research Institute, and Vice Dean Wang Xiangqin from Guangzhou Textile Research Institute of the Guangzhou Inspection Group, provided opinions and suggestions on the research ideas, project design, key content, and research objectives, contributing to the development of the biomedical fiber product industry.

        Li Lingshen addressed the collaboration dilemma of engineers not knowing the needs of doctors, and doctors not knowing the capabilities of engineers. He expressed three expectations: first, to gather innovative resources from the entire industry, accelerate technological progress and product iteration; second, to guide the industry in implementing technological self-reliance and strength in the current era of scientific and technological cooperation; third, to design top-level planning for industry scientific and technological resources, systematically improve the level and efficiency of technological innovation. Cao Xuejun believed that the research of this project is necessary and timely, and he hoped that the project team would concentrate the efforts of all parties to strengthen systematic research and provide suggestions for the development of the biomedical fiber product industry. Wang Xiaowen highly praised the preliminary work of the project team and hoped that the team would provide decision-making basis for relevant national departments with forward-looking achievements, enhance the capacity of national health service guarantee, and meet the people's demand for a better life.

        In the end, Yu Jianyong, on behalf of the project team, made a concluding speech. He expressed that the project team should absorb and incorporate the valuable opinions and suggestions of the experts into the project implementation process. He emphasized that to achieve strategic research results, the project needs to focus on four points: first, firmly establish the goal of improving the self-supporting guarantee of people's life and health as the overall goal of the biomedical textile field, enhance the self-supporting capability of key materials, and develop new productive forces in specialized fields, actively promote the construction of the modern textile industry system; second, benchmark against international advanced levels, systematically analyze and establish sound technical systems, product systems, application systems, and standard systems from the dimensions of time and space; third, conduct in-depth analysis of the pain points and obstacles in industry development, and study the main factors that restrict development from multiple aspects such as demand integration, policy systems, industry-academia research and application; fourth, grasp the strategic nature of the research, and provide strategic, guiding, and actionable suggestions at the national, industry, and enterprise levels to promote high-quality development of the industry.

Written by: Project Team