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The 2024 China-Bangladesh Industrial Development Forum on International Textile Technology Integration was held


      On April 23, the 2024 China-Bangladesh Industrial Development Forum on International Textile Technology Integration opened in Bangladesh. This international forum was jointly organized by the China Textile Engineering Society, Donghua University, the Bangladesh-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the BGMEA Fashion and Technology University of Bangladesh. The forum aims to promote international academic exchanges in the textile industry and support the transformation and upgrading of textile industries in countries along the Belt and Road Initiative. The forum attracted numerous experts, scholars, and business representatives from the field to participate.


      At the opening ceremony, leaders, experts, scholars, and business representatives from the textile industries of China and Bangladesh gathered together to explore the future development trends and strategic cooperation opportunities in the textile industry. Yang Xiaodong, Vice President of the China National Garment Association, delivered a presentation titled The Path to High-Quality Development and Integration of Textiles and Apparel in China and Bangladesh, providing an in-depth analysis of the cooperation potential and development prospects in the textile field between the two countries. Wang Xianfeng, Vice Dean of the School of Textiles at Donghua University, gave a presentation on Cultivating High-Tech Modern Textile Technology, Linking Technological Transformation and International Talent Exchange, introducing the cutting-edge areas of modern textile technology and the innovative training model for international scientific and technological talents in the future. Ayub Nabi Khan, Vice President of BGMEA Fashion and Technology University in Bangladesh, presented a report titled Practices and Reflections on Jointly Cultivating Outstanding Young Talents in the International Textile Industry, sharing the school's practical experience, classic cases, and in-depth reflections on international joint training over the years.



      In addition, the conference arranged three sub-forums: the China-Bangladesh Textile and Apparel Quality Management Exchange, the China-Bangladesh Textile and Apparel Precision Matchmaking, and the China-Bangladesh International Textile Technology and Talent Development Exchange. During these sub-forums, participants delivered speeches and engaged in in-depth discussions on topics such as textile technology innovation, talent development, and international cooperation. The academic atmosphere was strong, and the atmosphere was enthusiastic.


     Prior to the conference, the forum organized a technology service team to visit the Bangladesh-China Enterprises Association (CEAB), the Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA), and the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), as well as some representative textile and apparel companies in Bangladesh.

      It is reported that this conference is another international conference organized by the School of Textiles at Donghua University in 2024, relying on the World Textile University Alliance. In the recently concluded 3rd International Textile Academic Conference in Pakistan, our university participated as a co-organizer for two consecutive years, and Professor Gu Bohong from the School of Textiles delivered a keynote speech in Pakistan. Since the establishment of the World Textile University Alliance and becoming the Secretariat in 2018, Donghua University has continuously played a leading role in international first-class disciplines, focusing on building an international textile academic communication platform with international textbooks, international education, international conferences, and international projects as its main components.


Written by: Zhao Yuan

Information Officer: Qian Lingli

Editor: Wu Yalin