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SCF Sustainability Design Workshop Exhibition


The SCF Sustainability Design Workshop Exhibition was successfully launched on 3 November at Yibu Building, Donghua University West Yanan road campus. The exhibition showcased a fruitful, collaborative outcome of students and staff from Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation (SCF).

Centering on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the design workshop and exhibition brings together students from SCF Fashion Innovation and Fashion Interior Design programmes across all four years as well as SCF Edinburgh-based and Shanghai-based teachers. It celebrates the power of design and SCF’s strong commitment to a more sustainable future through collaboration, innovation, and responsible design.

The materials on display were chosen for their sustainability credentials, prioritizing recyclable and recycled materials, and those with a low carbon footprint. Alongside the benefits of their eco-friendly properties, these materials further embed environmental protection into SCF students’ design thinking and practice.

Students’ Works

SCF Sustainability Design Workshop Exhibition provides more than just a platform to showcase students' innovative thinking and design talents. It serves as a pivotal moment to communicate SCF’s dedication to sustainable development, all through the visionary work of its talented young designers.

The exhibition will be displayed from 3rd to 26th November on campus and later several pieces of works will continue to be displayed at 3R Labs from 27th November to 10th December. 3R Labs, located at No.21, Baoqing road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, is an eco-friendly themed urban lifestyle store. 3R stands for reduce, recycle and reuse.

Let us join hands and work together to build a better and more sustainable future!

Group Photo of SCF Students and Staff

Students’ Works at 3R Labs