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Researcher and Professor Liao Yaozu from Donghua University Awarded the 12th Shanghai Young Sci-tech Talents


Recently, the Shanghai Association for Science & Tech conducted the selection for the 12th Shanghai Young Sci-tech Talents. After the evaluation process, 30 individuals were chosen for this honor. Researcher and Professor Liao Yaozu from Donghua University was awarded this title in the category of basic research.

Award ceremony of the 12th Shanghai Young Sci-tech Talents (the second from right is Liao Yaozu)

The Shanghai Young Sci-tech Talents program aims to inspire and promote outstanding young scientific and technological workers who contribute significantly to the development of the national science and technology industry and to the scientific and technological progress and economic and social development in Shanghai. These individuals are dedicated to advancing global scientific knowledge, contributing to economic development, addressing critical national challenges, and enhancing the health and well-being of the public.

After the qualification review by the Office for the Selection of Shanghai Young Sci-tech Talents, a total of 362 individuals were identified as valid candidates for this selection, including 163 in the basic research category, 88 in the achievement transformation category, and 111 in the enterprise innovation category. The selection quotas are divided into categories of basic research, achievement transformation, and enterprise innovation, with no more than 10 young talents selected in each category and a total of no more than 30.

Liao Yaozu, born in June 1982, is a researcher at Donghua University and the project leader of the National Key Basic Research and Development Program. Focusing on the research of functional porous polymer framework materials, he has proposed a novel method for the preparation of heteroatom-mediated organic molecular sieve adsorbents. This method has achieved efficient adsorption and valorization of hazardous substances such as heavy metals and radioactive materials. He has also established a new pathway for the preparation of high-energy-density porous polymer framework flexible fibers and membrane electrode materials, elucidating the mechanism of structure/function integration in enhancing the efficiency of capacitance energy storage. He has published 90 SCI papers and received the 2022 Hou Debang Chemical Science and Technology Youth Award (ranking 1st).