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Textile Composites Design


Textile Composites Design



AuthorBohong GU(顾伯洪), Meiqi HU(胡美琪)


Textile composite material is one kind of fiber reinforced composites in which the preforms are various fiber assemblies and are embedded in matrix. It has the advantage of designable structure and strength. Currently, the composite materials have been widely used in many aspects of engineering. In this book, the multi-scale structure of textile composites is elucidated through the up-to-date information and investigation results in this field, including the structure and strength design methodologies of 2D and 3D woven, knitted, braided composites.

This book is a basic work on mechanics and design of textile composite materials. It can be used as a reference for composite industry engineers to design composite structures and engineering structures, and can also be a textbook for senior undergraduates, postgraduates and overseas students taught by English.