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Fabric Design:From Inspiration To Technique


Fabric DesignFrom Inspiration To Technique 



AuthorYanxue MA(马颜雪), Yi DING(丁亦)


The book focuses on fabric design from inspiration and creativity to various textile techniques. The book presented design contents and methods of printed fabrics, weft knitted fabrics and woven fabrics. Cases in each part introduced the fabric design process from design research, pattern design, techniques and finished fabrics. Additionally, the book included Chinese traditional textiles in the last chapter, and tookhand printing, brocade and embroidery as examples to show the charm of traditional textile culture in China.

Texts in this book are mostly illustrated with different pictures, and are easy to read. The book is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in textile engineering, textile materials and textile design, fashion design and engineering, as well as a good choice for technicians and designers in textile and apparel industries to read.