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Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) is among the oldest and most prestigious of higher education technical and engineering institutes in Iran. Amirkabir University has continuously offered distinguished services and contributed to the achievement of numerous educational and research goals.


AUT is located in the central part of Tehran, giving students the benefit of being close to the city’s many historical sites, cultural attractions and events. From museums, theaters, concert halls and art galleries, to ski resorts, local cafes and lively restaurants with, Tehran has much to offer those who wish for a vibrant and memorable student life.


AUT students experience a myriad of social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities and events during their academic life. They are provided with health services, housing and dining services, as well as recreational facilities and spaces. Students are invited to participate in their choice of the many student associations and groups with which they may share their personal passions and connect with other students. From poetry and movie clubs to astronomy and religious clubs, each student can find his/her interest and experience a dynamic life at AUT.


Besides AUT’s presidents, the expansion and honor of Amirkabir University of Technology in all scientific and industrial realms is due to the attempts and contributions of officials, professors, deans, alumni, staff, and students who have each had their share in elevating AUT’s academic level in achieving its greatness. During the Islamic Revolution, Tehran Polytechnic was an active student hub and played an active role in its victory. After the Islamic Revolution, Tehran Polytechnic became a university in 1979 and was named Amirkabir University of Technology in memory of Amirkabir Farahani, an outstanding figure in Iran’s contemporary history who had resolved to expand and develop the pillars of technology and industry in Iran.


The initial establishment and formation of AUT dates back to October 1956. The initial core of the university was, then, formed under the name Tehran Polytechnic in order to expand the activities of two technical institutions of the time: Civil Engineering Institute and The Higher Art Center. The first group of students were admitted in 1957 through an internal exam and AUT officially commenced its activities in 1958, with five engineering majors: Electronics and Electrical, Mechanical, Textile, Chemistry and Civil Engineering.


Along with the gradual expansion of the university up to 1978, the following five sectors were also added: 

Faculty of Technology

Faculty for Training Teachers of Science and Technology

Faculty of Basic and Computer Sciences

Institute of Graduate Studies and Research

Higher School of Civil Construction