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RUFA   is under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts.  RUFA  is also one of the oldest high education institutions in Cambodia.   Originally, RUFA was known as the School of Khmer Arts which opened in   1917 in the former work-shop of the Royal Palace.

Since  1965, RUFA comprises five faculties: the Faculty of Archaeology, the  Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, the Faculty of Dance, the Faculty  of Music and the Faculty of Plastic Arts.

The three main missions of the Royal University of Fine Arts are:

1. To train young generations of artists, architects and archaeologists

2.To  carry out research in the field of culture and art with the aim of  expanding knowledge through new explorations and modern technology

3. To maintain talents and encourage innovation in the field of culture and fine arts for education.

RUFA’s objectives are to participate in the preservation of different forms and expressions of art and culture, to supervise the experts and to participate in the development of the country.