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BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT) was set up in March 2012 and is dedicated to the development of human resources for the readymade garment, textile and allied sectors of Bangladesh. The university aims to establish itself as a "center of excellence" for study, research and development and to serve the nation. 

On March 14, 2012, the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh issued the University's official certificate of incorporation in accordance with the Private University Act of 2010 followed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh’s approval on March 20, 2012, marking the formal beginning of the University's life. Since the early years of its inception, the university has provided a firm foundation in apparel, textile, knitting, fashion and business education in the domains of manufacturing technology, engineering, design and management. Since then, BUFT has continued to set and achieve higher academic standards. Fostering a new generation of creative thinker, the university is empowered to award degrees in undergraduate and graduate studies. In pursuance of its objective of providing comprehensive world-class academic learning environment, the university has entered into strategic alliances with leading international universities, institutions and organizations. BUFT is committed to academic excellence in apparel, textile, knitting, fashion, business and language education. The vision of the university embraces challenges and provides the impetus in setting highest academic standards.